How remote-first companies put people first

In the great debate between remote vs. hybrid work models, we build a strong case for a remote-first culture that benefits people personally and professionally.
Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab and author of Living the Remote Dream, joins host Matt Toback to discuss all the advantages of adopting a remote work culture and, in turn, creating a more positive, results-only environment. "There shouldn’t be a focus on availability and visibility," says Darren. "The idea is that we focus on the results. We care a lot less about how you get there, or the clothes you wear while you’re doing it, or at what time of the day or week you accomplish it." Luckily, they also won't care if you take time to listen to this episode and learn more about the personal benefits of remote work and how you can advocate for this shift in your workplace. Added bonus: Instead of all those "This-could've-been-an-email" meetings, your in-person gatherings will quickly become more productive and meaningful. 

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